Recent Escalation

17 Nov

This is largely an emotional post following recent events in Israel… I encourage to explore the facts  in depth (and let go of any possible bias that you may be presented with).

Raising your children to hate and view certain other citizens as “enemies” to be destroyed will bring a society inevitably connected to violence and conflict. Common sense may lead us to an opinion when differentiating between a leader declaring war and firing (more) rockets into a sovereign nation on the basis of “revenge” for the killing of a terrorist leader and a leader who promises to retaliate in order to “protect innocent citizens”.

I must say even the Russian news is presenting a more objective picture than the western media at the moment. “We” only wake up when Israel retaliates – despite the fact ordinary people have been prevented from living a normal life due to thousands of rockers being fired into Southern Israel since 2008. When Egypt attempted to negotiate a cease-fire recently, Israel put down their weapons whilst Hamas continued firing and then tried to lie to the international community that it was the opposite!

Operation pillar of defense is MORE than justified!

Whilst Israel makes greatest efforts to avoid civilian casualties (dropping leaflets warning people not to go near military/terrorist bases and more..) Hamas cares little where it’s continuous rockets are directed at and builds some of it’s bases under schools and hospitals as an attempted shield. If their rockets were more successful and Israeli’s defense less so (including the Iron Dome), Israeli casualties would be much higher. It is clear the blame lies with the violence of Hamas terrorists.

We need to stop blaming Israel when history has shown us that every attempt at peace has been forcefully declined by Israel’s enemies and realise that, like any other nation, they have a right to defend their people.

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2 Responses to “Recent Escalation”

  1. Steve Oliver November 17, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

    You are disgusting little Zionist who doesn’t see clearly who is the really aggressor in this Palestinian Holocaust. Be aware the whole world is starting to turn their previous blind eye on this matter and will soon ask for punishments to be bestowed on this Apartheid terrorist state called Israel and if you really call yourself a Jew, read the Torah, little girl, then you will understand why so many Jews understand that Israel has nothing to do with Judaism and that G-d forbid us to establish such a state. I DARE you to read the Torah.

    • Mali November 21, 2012 at 7:30 pm #

      Hallo to you
      First,your comment to this post is disgusting in itself.Second,go and study about the Holocaust yourself, and then you may compare between what happened those days to the Jews and the conflict
      between the 2 nations.
      Don’t send someone else to read the Tora. Probably this person knows about the Tora more than you do.
      In our sources it said: Those who come to kill you , you have all rights to kill him first in self defense. This rule is valid whether private person or a nation.
      The Palestinian kills first us and then they will start killing all the other that are not Muslims including you, if you are not a Muslim.(and I think you are yourself an Antizionist Jew)
      We don’t kill other people just because they aren’t Jews
      or for any other reason except self-defense.If you are so a humane person and feel so bad about the wasting of human life,let’s see you protesting against the killing of 35000 Syrian children, women and other civilians in Syria by their own government. Protest also for
      peace and quiet for Israeli citizens in the south of Israel.They are facing for more than 9 years every day, shooting of rockets and missiles into their homes.Are you ready to leave like this in your country? Are you ready to be bombed like this? The Israeli people deserve also to have a peaceful life. May be you are not so humanitarian as you present yourself. What the heck. They are only Jews. Could it be that the Little Antisemite in you came out?
      All we want is a commitment to stop the shooting and the bombardment at Israeli citizens and their homes. Maybe in your opinion we don’t have rights to exist as you do,and any steps of the terrorists are legitimate to eradicate Jews.
      So, we are here, we were here and will be here for ever. God bless the state of Israel!!!

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