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Russian Grannies

27 May

The Eurovision used to be a big deal back in the day. Now, no one cares about it. But being the loyal Eurovision supporter since Estonia won in 2001, I watch it every year, despite how bad it gets. I do miss Terry Wogan I must say..

The cute little grannies from a small village in Russia, who are saving up to rebuild their church, were without a doubt the HIGHLIGHT of the night.

Catchy stuff.

P.s. I find it absolutely hilairious that Spain’s finance minister (or someone of the sort) ordered the Spanish entry not to win, as they could not afford it…

The King

23 May

Excuse the cheesy title…

So this past week I seem to have discovered the wonder that was Elvis Presley and have been listening to his music non-stop. Many songs I found myself mouthing the lyrics to despite never realising (despite his distinctive voice) it was him!

This led me to a quick wikipedia session on various interesting periods of his life and of course the disocery of his relationship with Priscilla. A thought that arose pretty much immediately was the connection between success and faithfulness. It seems that any successful musician, actor, entertainer simlpy cannot restrain themselves from various affairs…..  The quality of music (aside from a number of noteable exceptions) has deteriorated to singing about girls in clubs and adventures in the *cough* bedroom. I wonder if this, as well as the *issue* mentioned will simply get worse…

P.s. They’re both so beautiful….