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Cultural Things that Annoy Me

14 May

Warning: this is pretty much just a rant but ENJOY! In no particular order:

1. Taking pictures on the toilet – What are you doing? No one wants to look at that. I really don’t understand this trend…

2. Small talk – in certain situations it is pretty unavoidable so I cannot pin the blame. However, if we know each other, please don’t talk to me about how much work you have or conversations we’ve had a billion times or other totally irrelevant topics, I really don’t mind just standing next to you in silence.

3. Shortened names – in themselves are fine. Yet, when people throw bricks at you for addressing them by their full rather than shortened name it’s like CALM DOWN they sound practically the same.. You don’t “hate” it so much so stop lying.

4. Sexual Orientation – No judgement being passed here. What does annoy me though is when teenagers claim they are bisexual etc…blatantly only for attention. Please find other ways to impress people…

5. “No offence but..” – You might as well just insult me without the PRETEXT ok – I think it actually makes me more angry/insulted than if you had just said what you wanted to say.

6. Hypersexual youth – It makes me really sad to see 10 year olds walking around wearing make-up and mini-skirts – EMBRACE YOUR YOUTH please. I blame the media. Everyone always blames the media.

7. Chav pants – Why are your trousers around your ankles? We don’t want to see your behind, you can’t even walk properly and you definitely don’t look “cool”.

8. Cynicism of the youth – you have achieved nothing – don’t criticise someone who has actually done something with their life, for no reason whatsoever.

9. “Grammar Nazis” – particularly annoying in debates. If you have resorted to commenting on my spelling and/or Grammar, you have clearly lost the argument. Please leave.

10. Americanisms – If you’re in the UK, don’t speak with these. Ever. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/tobyharnden/6043777/Top_10_most_annoying_Americanisms/

11. Not knowing who the Prime Minister is – yet knowing who’s getting with who on Geordie Shore or whatever they watch. (I think this has turned into a rant at the youth of today – despite me technically being a part of that category…)

12. Facebook statuses – By all means post that you’re feeling sad and everything in your life is going wrong but don’t tell me “I don’t want to talk about it” when I ask you what’s wrong. WHY DID YOU POST THAT STATUS THEN IDIOT.

13. Phones – People who cannot get off their phone for one minute. For crying out loud would you live in the moment.

14. “Calm down dear” – I hope you know that by saying that you are simply fueling my anger

15. Secret anorexics – saying “phwoar I ate so much!” When you literally just ate half a biscuit the whole day

16. Chain mail – the amount of times I’ve died because I haven’t forwaded an e-mail and screamed “Bloody Mary” is ridiculous.

17. Awkward pronunciation – Scone, almond, rant etc…

18. – “Why are you staring at my boobs?” – I’m a girl, but if your boobs are hanging out, I’m GOING to stare at them.

19.  Apple – Stop updating everything all the time!! (And you’re ridiculously overpriced..) Why do people buy your stuff?? Also – what is the point of Ipads? You may as well get a laptop.

20. Moody employees – Why would I want to buy anything from you when you’re giving me the evils the entire time?! Isn’t the customer always right?? Especially true for teenage employees. Uch.

21. Politics – Why are you complaining about our political situation whilst proving you know absolutely nothing about it?   Also people who vote based on their parents views or no views at all *cough* Dani *cough*.

22. Obsession – People who only know how to talk about the opposite sex. Please find some other interests.

23. People who don’t “believe” in Climate Change/Sustainability – You’re wrong. *Cough* Mr Bremner *Cough*

24. One word texters – I know you’re SO busy but could I trouble you to type a full sentence please?

25. Wine snobs – Only about 0.00001% actually know anything about wine so stop pretending.

26. Teenage couples saying “I love you” to each other – Excuse me while I puke and then proceed to laugh for 10 minutes.

27. Text language – I understand the point in shortening words in texts but if you’re using the same amount of letters why do you want to make it seem like you can’t spell?! Hai babii dawl hope urrr in for 2k13 partay. Uch stop.

28. Central London Accent – That accent people in the city put on to make themselves feel important.

29. Reality TV – now I’m not talking about things like The Apprentice, Wife Swap or BNTM, I’m talking about shows that really shouldn’t be on TV like Geordie Shore, Big Brother, I’m a Celeb and X-factor. How are they so popular?? 90% of the time it is just promiscuous orange people running around trying to create drama.

30. Orange people – I doubt you went to the Caribbean over the weekend so please take that off your face.

I think I’ll stop there before I feel the need to enrol myself in anger management classes.

(Half of these weren’t even “cultural” but SHHH!)