Israel vs Hamas

24 Nov

Since the recent conflict and Israel’s operation Pillar of Defense began last week and  having now concluded , there has been an atmosphere of undeniable and most importantly irrational hatred towards Israel.

Firstly, it appears that the fact thousands of rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel prior to the recent conflict has been largely ignored (preventing a great proportion of the Israeli population from living a normal life) and yet at Israel’s retaliation, anti-Israel groups immediately flock to criticise the murderous and aggressive state of Israel. The right (OBLIGATION) of a sovereign nation to defend itself apparently does not apply to the Jewish state.

Despite the fact that, as Netanyahu pointed out, Israel withdrew from every inch of Gaza (evicting its own citizens for the sake of peace), rather than allowing it to prosper and become the “Singapore of the middle-East”, Hamas took power and turned it into a launch pad for terror. The blockade was a consequence (two years AFTER! Hamas began immediately firing rockets into Israel, smuggling arms, and forcing their disgusting ideology upon the people of Gaza) of the terror Hamas has imposed both on the citizens of Southern Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza.

Despite this, Israel has done huge amounts to separate the terrorists controlling the strip from the innocent people, and support Gaza. It has provided Gaza’s electricity, funded projects, and supported the people of Gaza as much as possible -all funded by Israeli Banks. A few mentioned here ( )

Throughout the recent conflict, over 100 trucks of gas/food etc… of aid was sent from Israel to Gaza. During the military operation, the IDF did everything possible to minimise civilian casualties (including leaflets, phonecalls etc..) provides the information at the time.

By contrast, Hamas, was and will continue to commit double-war crimes by EFFECTIVELY hiding behind their civilians and aiming their rockets directly at Israel’s civilians.

Criticising Israel’s actions as disproportionate is simply wrong. One must look beyond the figures and decide who is truly to blame. It should be pointed out that if Israel was less developed, the IDF was as not advanced as it was and the Iron Dome system was not in place, Isareli deaths and casulaties would be much greater.

Another interesting article highlighting the double-standards regarding Israel’s military action

What sort of stable society can Hamas, a (TERRORIST) group, that kills it’s own people for suspected cooperation with Israel, kills their people for being gay, uses their people as human shields, states in it’s charter how it wishing to destroy Israel and I quote “the time will not come until Muslims fight the Jews (and Kill them)” and has no respect for human life, bring?

This is why ultimately I am disappointed in the ceasefire. I will not try and mince my words – the goal should be to destroy Hamas and its detrimental regime.   (who by the way have ALREADY broken the ceasefire agreement).

(Recommend to read – Richard Kemp support of IDF and the necessity of the blockade, Israel’s restraint and the unlikeliness of a successful ceasefire’m-skeptical-of-how-long-it-can-last-exclusive-interview/

Furthermore, it is important to remember who the real enemy is to the arab world: the dictators repressing their people and the militant Islamic fundamentalist terrorists gaining power. It is not Israel.  We have seen what Hamas has done to the security of Southern Israel and the palestinian people in Gaza, this should be reason enough to topple the regime.

Frankly, I don’t remember any US-Al-Qaeda negotiations, or anything of the sort. There should be no dialogue with terror. The ceasefire – unfortunately it is true – has arguably given some form of legitimacy to Hamas and has given them an opportunity to restock in arms (supported I’m sure by Iran) which will lead to the next inevitable conflict and more loss of life.

The amazing Mossab Hassan Yousef, a son of one of the founders of Hamas -who spent years inside the regime working undercover for Israeli intelligence) has given his perspective.

The enemy is Hamas, not Israel. Freedom for the people of Gaza and the people of Southern Israel can only be achieved when they are eliminated.

 עם ישראל חי

Side points: Hamas Charter (if you’re interested in reading it’s vile words) –

Also interesting – Muslim supporters of the state of Israel

P.S. Must express my anger at the anti-Israel bias, especially in respected BBC, and the claims by anti-Israel groups that it was the other way around are beyond absurd! Photo-fraud, biased reporting and often actual lies..  Very sad…

2 Responses to “Israel vs Hamas”

  1. The Mind of RD Revilo November 25, 2012 at 12:39 am #

    Reblogged this on RD Revilo.

  2. Olga November 25, 2012 at 8:03 am #

    Big support from Russia!!!
    Israel like any other country has rights to defend itself from any aggression.
    IDF SHOULD defend the citizens of Israel from the ongoing rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.
    Israel did not start this conflict, only defending itself and a terrorist group Hamas attacking it.
    This is an anti-terrorist operation!!!
    If someone starts to run rocket to Russia, Russian government would not wait even one day to respond and definitely will not talk to any terrorists organizations. Israel warning civil population in Gaza before any military action, so they can move out.
    Israel helps the Palestinian people more than anyone else, providing food, electricity, and medical help.
    Hamas uses the people in Gaza as human shields, hiding behind women and children to fire their missiles.
    Every country has a right to defend itself, why Israel should not have the same right???
    Ah! It is the same old, well known ANTI-SEMITISM, in a new form… we are not against Jews, we are against Jewish state – Israel…and all the people there…and everybody else with the same blood… and so on…we heard it SO many times before!!!
    Many, many Russian people are in solidarity with Israel!!!
    Mosab Hassan Yousef – the son of one of the founders of the Hamas terrorist organization and the author of the “Son of Hamas” said two days ago: “I want to say to the members of the organization, including my father; brave people do not hide behind children and fire missiles. If they had even a bit of courage – they would be able to leave Gaza instead of hiding like rats.”
    As you have mentioned Russian media in one of your posts, I guess you should read a little bit in Russian.
    Ребята, вы такие молодцы!
    Несмотря на столетия угнетения, геноцида и холокоста, вы сохранили свои традиции и свою культуру! Это достойно уважения.
    Защищайте свою страну – свой Израиль , правда ваша !
    Ам Исраэль Хай ! Am Yisrael Chai !

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